What we stand for

Lib Dem Bird1

I was requested to write this blog to show my perception on what the Liberal Democrats stand for.

Now what a party stands for can be monotonous and dull for many and we all see the same videos, newspaper articles, leaflets, tweets and facebook posts and just yawn each time. In modern politics all people seem to focus on is the ideology of which party is ‘left wing’ ‘right wing’ or ‘centrists’

Many will argue that the Liberal Democrats are centrists with the tendency for leaning to the left. I argue that is not the case and actually as a party we are probably the most diverse party that is in mainstream English politics. Not because we are to the centre of all things political but because actually all our members are all over the spectrum, and do you know what, that is what a true Liberal is. We make our own decisions based on what we feel is right, not because that is what our party thinks we should think.

A liberal person will know that they should stand for what is right no matter how big or small the issue is, or whether someone thinks its ‘right wing’ or ‘left wing’ policy. If it is the right thing that we as individuals feel is right we make sure our voice is heard and stand for that, now that is what a Liberal is.

We all have our own opinions on things that matter to us, we might not all agree on every single subject but we value that each and every one of us has an opinion.

What has really inspired me as a member of the Liberal Democrats is that everyone is an open book to what they believe is right or wrong. Not only have they been open but they are willing to discuss and open their eyes to the wider the picture, they may still not agree at the end of it but the important thing is we have had our voice heard.

I have always been a keen EU and LGBT rights supporter and being almost ignorant I walked into the Liberal Democrats believing all members thought exactly the same as me. What truly inspired me was the fact that actually some parts of the party do not support these in such the same way, I do not necessarily mean oppose the premise but the views do not directly mirror my own. However, they are open to hear my voice and share their own views and never judge.

Now I’m not saying to be a Liberal you can believe what ever you like but what I am saying is that as a Liberal Democrat your voice will be heard. If you have thoughts on what we should be doing in government to what we campaign for whether it is on immigration, health services or taxation then what i’ve seen so far is a group of people all keen to discuss these ideas with true democracy After all our manifesto is truly made by its members.

So if you in the deepest of hearts know and feel you are liberal then the choice is clear that you are a Liberal Democrat. This is not because you want to be left, right or centre but it is because you can be any one of these in your ways because as a party and as members we support each and every member. We are open to your views, your opinions, your values and we embrace our liberal ways.

A liberal knows what is right in the deepest of hearts and its time everyone embraced this!!!


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