The Start Of My Liberalism


Firstly I will add this is my first blog so please do excuse my ramblings.

So it has now been nearly 3 months since the general election 2015 here in the UK. I was one of those people on 8th May with matchsticks in my eyes glued to ITV and the BBC from 10pm until hours I never knew even existed unless it was work related. Through those hours I saw an obliteration, a tragedy with emotions from many people myself included. Deep down I felt devastated, and I wasn’t even stood there losing a constituency I had represented for years.

Now I should say I’ve voted Liberal Democrats since the moment I could at 18 and have never looked back. It wasn’t until that crushing night that something awoke inside me. It was 2 days after on the 10th May that I finally made my path and joined as a member of the LibDems. The night of the election results made me realise how much of a Liberal I am, more to the point how much we need to make a liberal voice heard across the country and the world.

I like many come from a family of life devoted Labour supporters/voters. But I realised from an early age they were not the ones to stand up for my views or who I am to the core. I believe the new leader,Tim Farron, put it right by saying “embrace the diagnosis”. I certainly did, I can certainly say I have never looked back. I have met some amazing people already from all across the UK all with a core belief that Liberalism is needed more than ever. I have discovered that even in the corners of the South East where I am have a party, who knew Thanet actually had LibDems. Since that day of finally meeting them I have discovered people all with a passion for wanting a fairer society and to see our area be as good as it once was and better.

Now it’s to early to say but the past 3 months has shown great enthusiasm with a spark being set off. The spark that has led to the early signs of catching and spreading. Will it catch on and become a wildfire of Liberalism? Time will only tell. Providing this fight and power of enthusiasm continues then it certainly will not be extinguished. But until then I know I will certainly make my voice heard and show how everyone has a liberal side to them and that it is about time we all embraced it!! So now is the time for #LibDemFightBack so let’s really make our voice heard!!!


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